MERADOG Junior 2

MERADOG Junior 2

Puppy Food

  • RM195.90

The Meradog 2-phase concept provides all dogs with extremely high protein content during the first few months with junior 1, which helps the development of organs,muscles, tendons and joints.
From the 6th month onwards, junior 2 provides a reduced protein content for large breeds (final weight>40 kg),since large breeds grow at a significantly slowly rate from this age and,what is particularly important, they grow for longer.
* Junior 1 for small and medium breeds up to the end of the growth phase and for large breeds until the end of the 5th month.
*Junior 2 for large breeds from the 6th month onwards until the end of the growth period.

Poultry meat meal (25 % chicken),maize, rice, barley, animal fat,dried sugar beet pulp (desugared), animal protein (hydrolised),corn gluten feed, linseed (2 %), brewer's yeast (dried), egg powder (1 %), sodium chloride, salmon oil (0.40 %), sunflower oil (0,30 %), chicoree powder (0.20 % inuline), calcium carbonate, yeast extract (dried,0.05 % beta-glucans), mussel flesh powder (0.03 %).

Protein 24.0%
Fat 12.0 %
Crude fibre 2.5%
Crude ash 7.0%
Calcium 1.15 %
Phosphorus 0.90%
Sodium 0.35 %

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