MERA CAT Wahre Liebe - Sensible Katze (Sensitive)

MERA CAT Wahre Liebe - Sensible Katze (Sensitive)

Kitten food

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For the healthy growth of young cats Proper nutrition is especially important. The delicious light True Love cat food recipe provides with plenty of poultry and rice, delicious wild berries and light yoghurt exactly the age-appropriate energy content and optimum nutrient supply for growth. Moreover Colostrum supports the body's natural defenses and provides the kitten in addition to important minerals and vitamins. So is a healthy start in life nothing in the way. *Comprehensive protection concept
*Steamed Gentle
*Protein 38% / 20% fat
*100% made in Germany
*Production by Food Standard
*Production with green electricity - CO 2 neutral
*Without dyes or preservatives
*With 68% meat content
*Completing chicken and turkey are used in dried form. This corresponds to a share in the formulation of 68% before drying

Poultry meat meal (26% chicken, 4% turkey), rice, corn protein, poultry fat, corn, wheat protein, poultry protein (hydrolysed), beet pulp (sugar, 3.5%), salmon oil (2%), linseed (2%), sunflower oil ( 1.4%), poultry liver (dried, 1%), lignocellulose, Colostrum (entcaseiniert, 0.5%, rich in immunoglobulins), yeast (dried), sodium chloride, potassium chloride, powdered eggs, chicory inulin (0.2%) , yogurt powder (0.2%), yeast (dried, 0.2%, rich in beta-glucans u. Mannan-oligosaccharides), forest fruit powder (0.1%), marigold extract (source of lutein), Yucca schidigera powder.

Protein 38.0%
Fat 20.0%
crude fiber 2.0%
ash 7.0%
calcium 1.10%
phosphorus 1.00%,
sodium 0.50%
magnesium 0.09%

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