MERA CAT Wahre Liebe - Mollige Katze (Chubby)

MERA CAT Wahre Liebe - Mollige Katze (Chubby)

Cats Weight Control

  • RM121.90

For obesity-prone cats need a regular diet with as little fat and high fiber content. True love has chubby cats a quite energetic, but emphasizes calorie combination of poultry, salmon and rice. With light yoghurt, chicory and fiber-rich flaxseed that food not only keeps longer tired, but excited at the same time the bowel movement to. Despite low energy intake of high protein content supports muscle preservation and construction.

Poultry meat meal (28% chicken, 4% turkey), maize, maize gluten, barley, lignocellulose fibers (5%), salmon meal (4%), rice (4%), beet pulp (3%, sugar removed), poultry protein (hydrolysed), poultry fat, linseed (2%), poultry liver (1%, dried), sodium chloride, salmon oil (0,6%), sunflower oil (0.4%), yeast (dried), dried egg, chicory inulin (0.3%), yogurt powder (0.2%), potassium chloride, forest fruit powder (0.1%), Yucca schidigera powder.

Protein 38.0%
Fat 11.0%
Crude fiber 6.0%
Ash 7.0%
Calcium 1.20%
Phosphorus 1.00%
Sodium 0.60%
Magnesium 0.09%

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