MERA CAT Wahre Liebe - Junge Katze (Kitten)

MERA CAT Wahre Liebe - Junge Katze (Kitten)

Kitten food

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Kitten food "for little explorers"
*Cat Food with ideal formula for kittens. With a fine chicken, rice and chicken liver and Colostrum

Kitten place special demands on the diet:
*Our cat food with gourmet recipe has exactly the energy content required by your kitten. There they optimally supplied with nutrients and is highly digestible.

Cat Food by True love is steamed briefly and gently:
*So vitamins and nutrients are optimally preserved, flavors unfold particularly well.So the cat food remains fresh, a special aroma protection foil makes the packaging committed to reducing the oxygen content in the pack to inhibit oxidation and preserve the flavors in the cat food.

Cat Food by True love is healthy food that tastes great cats.
*100% made in Germany
*Without colors
*Without preservatives
*68% of meat
The components of turkey and chicken liver are used in dried form. This corresponds to a share in the formulation of 60% before drying.
*Skin and Coat:Omega-3 /Omega-6 fatty acids from flaxseed, salmon oil and sunflower oil
*Cell Protection:Antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium)
*Stable gut flora and safe digestion:prebiotic inulin from chicory root
*Supports the natural defenses:with yeast extract (rich in beta-glucans) and lutein
*Hairball forward bending:by special vegetable fibers (beet pulp, vegetable fibers)
*Urinary-forward bending:(pH <6.5)

Poultry meat meal (20%, chicken, 5% turkey), rice (14%), corn gluten, corn, animal fat (chicken, beef), greaves meal, wheat gluten, poultry protein (hydrolyzed), dried beet pulp (sugar removed 2.5%), salmon oil ( 2%), sunflower oil (1.4%), linseed (1%), poultry liver (1%, dried), lignocellulosic fibers (1%), Colostrum (de-caseinated, 0.5%, rich in immunoglobulins), yeast (dried) , sodium chloride, potassium chloride, dried egg, chicory inulin (0.2%), yogurt powder (0.2%), forest fruit powder (0.1%), yeast extract (dried, 0.04%, rich in beta-glucans), marigold extract (0.03% of lutein), yucca schidigera powder.

Protein 38.0%
Fat 20.0%
Crude fiber 2.0%,
Ash 6.8%
Calcium 1.10%
Phosphorus 0.95%
Sodium 0.50%
Magnesium 0.09%

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